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So a boy named Leinard was born. He lives for 16 years and write poems and draws.
He fell in love once and there was no one to catch. And thus he compares his self to a lonely moon and this is his life.

Welcome to my neverland since 12/29/11
I'm a proud member of LIST.

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jackjack3 whispered : I see it was your birthday. Happy Birthday!!

Yes it was haha thank you :D

buhaypaasa whispered : Uyy Happy Birthday! Sana nagenjoy ka ngayon :)

salamat po hahaha

honeyalvarez whispered : Birthday mo? Happy birthday!!! God bless!! 🎂

Opo haha salamat :D

deannamakatulog whispered : Happy birthday! 🎉🎊🎈 :)

Salamat :D

eeriemaiden whispered : Happy Birthday :) Stay blessed.

Thank you po :)

anneseksiko whispered : Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your day :)

Tenkyo :)

Drink. Because maybe, it won’t hurt a bit..

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