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So a boy named Leinard was born. He lives for 16 years and write poems and draws.
He fell in love once and there was no one to catch. And thus he compares his self to a lonely moon and this is his life.

Welcome to my neverland since 12/29/11
I'm a proud member of LIST.

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Think long and hard about why you two broke up. Then think you if you both moved on and wised up from the lesson learnt. If you two are still the same then no point, it’ll only end up with broken hearts and wasted time. Again.

But it’s harder thank you think.
Telling dreams from my mind to a paper.

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Sa sobrang waterproof ng mga studyate ng FEU dapat FEU goldfish na tawag samin hindi FEU tamaraws.

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(Source: illtakeyouaway)